Upcoming Sessions

Building Capacity to Effectively Integrate Drug and Violence Prevention into the K-12 Curriculum

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Instructor: Ron Glick

Educational leaders play a critical role in developing effective drug and violence prevention programs. This workshop will address two essential components of successful school based programs and introduce a curriculum infusion model that incorporates these elements for effective prevention. The components of successful programs that will be examined are:

1) the incorporation of evidence based prevention strategies, and,
2) sensitivity to issues of student and community diversity.

The curriculum infusion model enables teachers to seamlessly integrate drug and violence prevention assignments and activities into K-12 classes, incorporating the elements of successful programs while meeting state common core standards, social-emotional developmental goals and class objectives.


Leadership Capacity Through Teacher Leaders (#1159)

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Instructor: Jacqueline Carothers

School districts and school buildings across the state are recognizing the benefits of formalizing teacher leadership programs to improve instruction and student achievement. Participants will learn how schools have expanded teachers’ roles and responsibilities and instituted rewards and recognition programs to give teacher leaders new and increased importance in improving classroom instruction. They will also explore the leadership characteristics and skills that successful teacher leaders must possess and how to initiate a teacher leader culture in one’s school.


Skillful Leadership: Examination of Skills and Tasks Involved in Improving Teaching and Learning (#1710)

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Instructor: Jim Gilliat

This academy explores the specific skills needed to be effective school leaders to improve instruction and access talent and professional knowledge of teachers. The tasks and structures for successful leadership of adults and children are found in the work of Jonathan Saphier. Participants will explore Saphier Hs Pyramid Navigator and will be able to integrate its concepts into their performance as school leaders. The relationship of skillful leadership and successful principal evaluation is also embedded in this course.